at 14-Years-Old --- He was quoted as being

"One Of The Worlds Youngest Pencil Portrait Artist "

A young self-taught pencil portrait artist at age 14 getting so much attention for his work sounds  incredible. But actually it was only natural for this young man -- since he actually began teaching himself how-to-draw at age 5. 

Now at age 16, he's simply amazing.

But, don't just take my word for it - you be the judge. Below are some of his earlier pencil portraits as he began drawing TV Celebrities to perfect his skills. Today, he's an overnight sensation with orders coming in from around the world. Though he's only in High School  -- he's becoming a very sought after young artist.

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For best results: - the sample images were scanned at 400 resolution and re-sized to fit the popup screen. Please be patient as the portraits are being loaded. The image file sizes range from 65K to 115K but they do show the quality workmanship found within these drawings. 

And the drawing that started it all!

by  Kyle Hilton at the young age of 7 years old


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------------------ What People are Saying ---------------------

Kyle's Talent reflects the beauty within. Do you remember that special feeling when you find something that is both inspiring and breath taking. Like a wonderful moment in nature or the perfect scene that radiates life and movement. I found this extraordinary feeling in a young man's drawings.

Imagine sending a Photograph and receiving a pencil drawing that reflects your true self. From the very first moment I was fortunate to view Kyle's pencil drawing of myself, I was inspired and motivated. Kyle created the image I wanted with attention to detail. Use the services of this talented young man today, you will not be forget the moment...

                                   ---- John Ahern - Queensland Australia


"This kid is absolutely amazing," says Rick Zwetsch, Co-Founder of 

"From the minute I saw his work displayed at his site - I had to have a portrait done, there was just no question.  And after seeing a photograph of me so expertly transformed into this FABULOUS pencil "portrait" by an artist just completing his first year of high school?  

This is a no brainer folks!  Order your portraits now so one day when Kyle's work is displayed in galleries all over the world - you'll have a piece of his work in your own home or in the home of someone you love!"

                                   ---- Rick Zwetsch - Boulder, Colorado


"I feel honored to have one of your drawings...Thanks for giving my husband and me a very, very special gift that we will treasure for a lifetime. The picture/photo was taken on a fun day last September, but the negatives were lost. Your rendition of the photo was superb, and I thank you for sharing your time and talent."                     

             ---  Mary J. Lurate - paralegal in Jackson, Mississippi


"He's got a lot of talent for his age...He's the first I've seen that young with that much talent in a long time. He could be famous one day ...."

                                  ---Donald Phillips - Richland, Mississippi
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