About the Artist 


Kyle Hilton is now, a young 15-year-old artist that began drawing at age 5. He learned to pursue his passion with drawing and loved the idea of becoming an artist one day as his family began calling him an artist even before age 7.  He quickly began to think of himself as an artist simply by hearing those remarks over and over. His parents continued to praise his talents while making sure he had  the art materials of his choice.

Kyle was born in Jackson, Mississippi to the parents of Thomas and Tammy Hilton. He now attends Terry High School as a sophomore. He one day hopes to visit London and marvel at its sights. Perhaps his artwork will one-day allow him to visit London and fulfill yet another dream.

Kyle began drawing merely as a way to pass the time. An only child, he began using his crayons to doodle on paper when he got bored with merely coloring. He would take some of his toys and place them in front of him while attempting to duplicate their shapes onto the paper. It became a daily practice and it has brought him to where he is today. 

Kyle has also enjoyed the excitement that comes with promoting his artwork to the world through his website. Visitors from all across the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Denmark and Romania have seen many of his most recent pencil portraits and many have commented on his work.

He now, enjoys drawing pencil portraits while he started with drawing simple pictures of celebrities. Kyle had recently been commissioned to draw not only a portrait but also a rather unusual request from a client in Australia. A cartoon version of the same photograph. 

It's obvious that Kyle's talent will carry him very far. You've read about his first 15 years, we hope you'll continue to read about him during his next 25 years. It wouldn't surprise us all if his pencil portraits that he creates today will be worth 10 times their original value in the many years to come.